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Potential Dangers of Technology Overuse by Toddlers

Friday, December 15, 2017

In today's environment, is it not uncommon for parents to use electronic devices to entertain or occupy their toddlers and young children. How many times have you gone into a restaurant or waiting room and witnessed children intently watching videos or playing games on a phone or tablet? Are we helping or harming our children? The answer may be both. While there certainly are educational programs and applications that may prove beneficial and enhance learning, overuse can cause some problems.

Consider the following...

1. Overuse of electronic devices can cause a lack of movement or exercise for children. If they spend hours in front of a screen after school or on the weekends instead of playing outside with other kids, they are at a higher risk of becoming overweight.

2. Spending time outdoors soaking up sunlight and Vitamin D affects our circadian rhythm. Overexposure to blue light from electronic devices can also have a physical impact on our bodies. We should all spend some time outdoors in the sun. If we don't, it can affect our sleeping patterns and our mood.

3. Overstimulation is another risk of spending too much time in front of a screen. Overuse can decrease a child's ability to focus on other tasks. Children can also develop nervous habits when they are allowed a significant amount of screen time, and then it is taken away for any reason.

4. We risk thwarting our children's social and communication skills when they spend too much time alone playing video games or watching videos. They may not develop the ability to learn and act on social cues, and may become isolated when they are around other children. Psychological issues such as anxiety and depression can also develop over time.

5. Remember the days when we as children had to make up our own games and use our imaginations to fill our time. WIth so many options for children today, they don't have to be as imaginative or creative in their playtime. This can impair brain development and ultimately slow their ability to learn over time. Not to mention the issues of privacy and safety when a child spends time online.

As parents, we should be role models for our children. They often imitate what they see us doing. If we always have a device in our faces, they will want to do the same. We have to take time out to interact, play, and create human connections with our children. Set daily time limits for device use and have a specific purpose for its use. If using an educational program, limit the time to 15 or 20 minutes. Come up with alternative activities for your children. Make up games with them. Have conversations about things going on in the world. This can also apply to older children and teenagers. The more we teach our children to interact with the world around them, they better off they will be as adults.

Don't Let Identity Theft Keep You in the Dark: Allstate Highlights Steps to Protect Against or Recover from ID Theft

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Consider your reaction when bills arrive in your mailbox for products you never ordered or services you never used. Suddenly you notice that “mistakes” are appearing on your credit card and/or bank statements, and debt collectors are calling about debts that don’t belong to you.

Allstate gives its eligible auto and homeowners policyholders peace of mind from ID theft whether from a lost or stolen laptop, wallet, purse; a fraudulent credit card charge; or anytime you feel that your identity might be vulnerable. The company offers proactive education to help prevent identity theft and comprehensive case management for the duration of the identity resolution process.

All consumers can access resources on identity theft from the Federal Trade Commission who suggests that they complete these steps immediately upon learning of fraud:

1. If you notice signs of fraud, place an initial fraud alert ‐ Call one of the credit reporting agencies and ask that they place a fraud alert on your credit report. The agency you call is then responsible for alerting the other two, and the initial alert is good for 90 days. The agency can also add a freeze to their credit files, in the more extensive fraud situations.

2. Order your credit reports ‐ Order your credit report from one of the three, nationwide credit reporting agencies. Review them carefully for errors or signs of fraud, and share notable information with the credit reporting company.

3. Create an identity theft report ‐ File a complaint with the FTC via their Web site or by calling them at 1‐877‐438‐4338. The completed complaint is called an FTC affidavit. Take the affidavit to the police department where the theft occurred and file a police report. These two items comprise the identity theft report.

Once these steps are completed there are additional measures you can take that may help the situation:

A. Contact the issuers of your credit cards immediately ‐ Most companies provide toll‐free numbers that are manned 24/7 to deal with this type of event.

B. Alert your bank(s) ‐ If they have a process in place to do so, consider putting a fraud alert on your accounts.

C. Notify other, applicable organizations of the fraud, including (but not limited to): • Social Security Administration

• Department of Motor Vehicles

• Your utility companies

• Your health providers

4. Take steps to repair your credit ‐ The FTC provides tips on things you can do to try to repair your credit after you have been the victim of fraud.

For additional information about Allstate Identity Restoration Coverage, please visit or call your local Allstate agent Lincoln Salmon at 407-365-1766.

Tips for Summer Safety

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

With backyard grilling, fun by the pool, and lots of sunshine, the summer can be a great time to enjoy the outdoors with your family. However, with the temperatures edging up there are also precautions to take to help protect you and your loved ones in with the increased activity in the summer heat. Here are your summer safety tips:

1. Take Precautions with Grilling: Long days and weekends are a great time for cookouts, but the backyard barbeque can quickly become a hazard if you don’t take the extra time to check the grill for any blockages or leaks before you fire it up. Also, make sure to grill a safe distance from your house and avoid storing the grill indoors if it still has freshly used coals as carbon monoxide can still escape.

2. Swim Safely: The pool can be a great place for you and your family to enjoy, but you will want to make sure that there is an adult supervising children at all times and that floatation devices are readily accessible in case of an emergency. To help protect small children even when the pool is not in use, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends installing fencing or another barrier at least 4-feet in height around the pool.

3. Avoid Pesticides: Children will be playing outside in the summer, so it’s a good time to avoid placing pesticides on your lawn. If you need to apply pesticide, ensure that it’s not done on rainy or windy days and follow the recommended product instructions or utilize a qualified services company.

4. Plan for Fun: Double-checking your insurance policies before you head out on your RV road trip or motorcycle or off-road vehicle adventure is smart planning. The Salmon Agency offers policies that cover motor homes and other types of vehicles. Wishing you had insurance when you don’t is too late, so take precautions and you can truly enjoy all the summer has to offer.

With a few extra steps, you can easily ensure your summer will be fun for you and your family. Contact the Salmon Agency at 407-365-1766 and we will be glad to review your policies with you to make sure you are set for summer!

New Content for 2011: Have you seen our Twitter or Facebook lately?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

If you are following our blog, we hope that you are already a fan of ours on Facebook. Please “like” our page if you haven’t already to stay up-to-date on great insurance resources as well as to receive some other great insight. If you also have a twitter, stay active or get reacquainted with @salmonagency. Every week, you can expect to see a few things posted to help ease your pockets or to help you stay positive and motivated during the week. Here’s the rundown of what to expect:

Magical Monday: One of the few things that people don’t mind being extra plump on their body is the size of their wallets. On Mondays, look out for money saving deals to help keep that cash in your pockets. The Salmon Agency will also be spotlighting unique local organizations and community leaders to keep our followers up to date on our area and the people making difference in it. If you or your nonprofit organization (or charitable works by your business) are interested in being featured here, please contact us.

Wednesday’s Wise Words: If you find the hump on Wednesdays too hard to get over and you’re just dying for the weekend, check out Wednesdays Wise Words to find inspiration to not just survive the day, but also thrive. If you have a quote that’s helped you, don’t be too shy to let us know about it.

Fun Fridays: Fun polls on Friday – We’ll post some interactive questions about popular discussions so that you can chime in and let us know your opinion!

We hope you will enjoy this refreshing new content in 2011 and please don’t be shy about sharing our blog, our Facebook and our Twitter page with your friends and followers.

New Year's Resolutions: Often Overlooked Resolutions to Tackle in 2011

Monday, January 3, 2011

New_Year.jpgEvery new year, you not only have a fresh start, but a wholly new perspective for your life and your work. Oftentimes, we approach the New Year with a mind fixed on shedding those pounds we gained over the holidays. We commit to fad diets or to actually using our gym memberships.

While these resolutions have great intentions and paying attention to diet and exercise are critical for a healthy, full life; you may be ignoring some other key goals that are necessary for what I call a “whole life.” Here are some resolutions you may want to consider along with your new workout plan:

1) Use a Flexible Spending Account (FSA):

FSAs allow you to use pre-tax income for anything from purchasing aspirin to other eligible medical expenses. The benefits are huge; according to FSAFEDs, with an FSA, you can both reduce your taxes and get more for your money by saving at least 20 percent of what you would normally pay for out-of-pocket health care and dependent care expenses with after-tax (as opposed to taxed) dollars!

2) Review Your Insurance Policies

It may have been a year, or perhaps even over five years since you last reviewed your insurance policies. You may be able to increase or lower your deductibles and save on your premiums, helping you to lower your bills. Your life situation may have also changed (marriage, children, divorce, career, property sale or purchase) and your insurance needs may have changed significantly. This year, make sure you and your loved ones are properly protected. For your insurance review, contact Salmon Agency at 407-365-1766.

3) Consider Your Investment Options

The economy is looking up and as the country’s economic situation improves, you may be considering your own investment options but feel unsure. Make sure you speak with a trusted financial planner before proceeding. There are options such as fixed annuities - a guaranteed income stream for retirement – that you may want to consider. Our Salmon Agency financial experts can help you to make sense of what works for you from where you are currently at in your “whole life.”

We hope our “overlooked resolutions” will help you to have a more prosperous and healthy future ahead. Happy New Year from our Salmon Agency family to yours!

Halloween Safety Tips

Thursday, October 28, 2010

halloween2.jpgHalloween is one of the most exciting holidays of the year! You get to dress up, have fun, watch spooky movies and eat lots of candy! Although this holiday is a happy one, it could become dangerous if some precautions are not taken. Here are some trick or treating and decorating tips to be safe this upcoming Halloween.

Trick or treating tips to safety:

  • It is always wise to go online and see if there are sex offenders in your area, map out their houses and make sure your kids stay away! 
  • Always keep an eye on your child when trick or treating.
  • Make sure costumes are made out of fire retardant material or fire proof and make sure the costume is comfortable to walk in (a scraped knee might ruin the Halloween fun!).
  • Carry a flash light or some type of reflective stripe to allow drivers to easily see the trick or treaters.
  • Wait to get home before allowing children to consume any candy. Parents need to inspect all candies first; do not let children eat unwrapped, open or suspicious candy.

 Spooky decoration safety tips:

  •  Take caution with candles, make sure if Jack O’ Lantern have candles inside that they are out of children’s reach or switch out the candles for battery powered lights (a safer choice). 
  • Do not over power your electrical outlet. 
  • Make sure the lights or items that require electricity are certified for outside use if that is where you are going to place them. 
  • If you decide to create a haunted house on your property, you may want to call Salmon Agency for extra insurance that day. This will protect you if someone happens to become injured inside your property.

From our Salmon Agency family to yours, we hope you enjoy the holiday and be safe this Halloween. If you have any insurance questions or concerns this holiday season, our experts are only a phone call away at 407-365-1766.

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