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5 Tips to Improve your Car Buying Experience

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Salmon Agency offers tips to improve your next vehicle purchase experience

The car buying experience can be daunting and sometimes outright exhausting. Here are a few tips to help improve your experience, cut down on the time you spend at the dealership, and make the task more pleasant.

1. RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH! Shop online first and complete as much of the paperwork online ahead of time as possible to save time at the dealership.  It helps to know what you want and be prepared when you get to the lot.  You don't want to spend too much time having a sales person trying to sell you something you don't want.  You can also run the CARFAX head of time if you are purchasing used, so you can be prepared with data about the vehicle you want if you have one already picked out.

2. TIMING IS EVERYTHING. Consider purchasing during the last week of the year or the end of the model year to get the best deal on newer models.  Dealers offer incentives and discounts when they need to move this year's model to make room for next year's model.

3. KNOW HOW YOU WILL PAY. Are you paying cash or financing?  Is your bank lending you money or is the dealer doing the financing?  Do you have a trade-in? These are all things to consider BEFORE making a trip to the dealership.  The more you can have your financing or payment plan in order, the better off you'll be.  You can save yourself time and possibly money too.  And be willing to negotiate.  Those who are willing to haggle usually get the best deal.

4. MAKE SURE THE VEHICLE HAS A CLEAN TITLE. Especially if you are buying from an individual, from Craigslist, or from a small used car lot, research the title to make sure you will not run into any problems in the future...after you have paid for the car.

5. CHECK INSURANCE RATES BEFOREHAND. It's best to know the TOTAL cost of your car purchase before you have the title signed over to you.  Don't make the mistake of completing the purchase, then finding out the insurance rates are too high based on the type of car you purchased, especially when buying for teens or young adults.

Getting Into High Gear: Tips to Remember For Motorcycle Season

Monday, April 14, 2014

Allstate offers tips for motorcyclists and drivers for Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month in May

While the warm weather is here, a reminder about the “rider rules of the road” should be part of a motorcycle owner’s regular routine. Riding on a motorcycle is an exhilarating but risky experience; accidents are always a possibility.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, 55 out of every 100,000 registered motorcycles were involved in a fatal crash in 2010, a total of 4,502. An additional 82,000 motorcyclists were injured in accidents. Many of those crashes involved the passenger cars with whom they share the road.

“By keeping a few precautions in mind, drivers who share the road with motorcycle riders can help make sure that each trip they take is a safe one,” says Lincoln Salmon, Allstate spokesperson in Florida. Some of those precautions include the following:

• Respect motorcyclists, who enjoy all of the privileges of any vehicle on the road. Regard them as you would another car, and give the motorcyclist a full lane of travel.
• Keep your eyes open for motorcyclists on the highway, at intersections, when a motorcyclist may be making a left turn, and when a motorcyclist may be changing lanes. Clearly signal your intentions, they’re watching for them!
• Anticipate a motorcyclist's movements when there are obstructions in the road such as debris or potholes. What the driver of a car can ignore can be hazardous for a motorcyclist, so predict evasive actions.

One important action that motorcyclists should take? Another look at their insurance coverage to make sure they’re informed on the extent of their protection. If you own a motorcycle, there’s a good chance Allstate can help you protect it, and yourself, just in case of an accident.

For additional information about Motorcycle Safety, please visit Allstate or contact your local Allstate agent Lincoln Salmon at 407-365-1766.

Seat Belts Save Lives

Friday, November 5, 2010

seat-belt-with-adult1.jpgThink drunk driving is the only leading cause of death in car accidents in Florida? Think again! Buckle up, Florida! Ejection from a vehicle is serious business in a car crash. Of those people ejected from a vehicle, 75 percent of them are killed. Seat belts save over 13,000 lives a year. Buckling up is the most effective thing you can do to protect yourself and others in a crash. During times like the holiday season, where more crashes occur due to impaired or distracted driving, seat belt safety is even more of a concern.

A common misconception is that air bags alone save lives. Air bags help to save lives, but they do not act as seat belts and are not a replacement for them. Without a seatbelt, an abrupt or harsh movement could throw you into the air bag, injuring you or even killing you. So just be safe, Florida, and click it. Remember it’s not just you in the car. The passenger seat can sometimes be the most dangerous seat in a vehicle. Unfortunately, motor vehicle crashes are the top cause of death among children ages 3 to 14. The correct use of child safety seats or seat belts, however, is extremely effective and reduces a child’s risk of death as high as 71 percent! Out of these children that are buckled up, 73 percent of these child restraints are not used or implemented correctly, so make sure to follow instructions for securing your child in the car. Aside from child safety, make sure before you buy a car that the seat belt is right for you too! Ask about seat belt adjusters at the car company if needed.

Seat belt safety awareness is helping save lives. In 2006, seat belt use was at an all time high at 81 percent thanks to public service announcements. Click it or Ticket, which I’m sure all of you have seen on the roads of Florida, is the national safety belt use campaign which runs during late May. To find out more on how to safely buckle yourself, children, or other loved ones visit and click “4 Steps for Kids”, as well as the “Should pregnant women wear seat belts?” brochure. Both are guides that can make all the difference.

Does this all effect insurance rates? You bet! Be a safe driver this holiday season and always!

Texting While Driving - Take the Pledge with Jordin Sparks

Thursday, June 24, 2010

4730065367_ab98c8c5d5_m.jpgI know, you have probably already heard about the dangers of texting while driving. I hope you listen to this plea because it saves lives! A recent survey found that 77 percent of respondents admit to texting or sending mobile e-mail while driving - but did you know that texting while driving can increase the risk of a car accident by 23 times?!

The American College of Emergency Physicians has also reported a rise in texting-related emergency room visits. According to a recent press release by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, nearly 80 percent of crashes and 65 percent of near-crashes involved some form of driver inattention (mostly distracting activities such as cell phone use, and drowsiness) within three seconds before the event.

Allstate has decided to start their own campaign to get the word out about the dangers of texting while driving, especially since car crashes are the No. 1 killer of teens and any parent of a teen knows how attached teens can be to their cell phones. They are calling this the Thumbs Up Pledge or "X the TXT." Allstate will donate $1 to the National Organizations for Youth Safety (NOYS) for every Facebook "Thumbs Up" pledge supporter

Singer Jordin Sparks is currently on a 30-city tour along with her mom, Jodi Sparks, to promote the Thumbs Up Pledge. "Everyone is susceptible to distractions behind the wheel. Our kids learn about what is acceptable driving behavior from us and as parents, it is important that we lead by example and make this a family issue," said Jodi Sparks.

I was able to meet Jordin Sparks recently and took the pledge. Join me along with Jordin Sparks and sign the pledge to stop texting while driving - commit to being smarter behind the wheel and keep your friends and family safe!

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