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Giving Thanks

Friday, November 22, 2013

Each time the holidays roll around, we begin thinking about gifts and travel plans. But what matters most, is the time we spend with our friends and family. It’s a time of gratitude and joyfulness, and it’s a time to enjoy a meal around the table in that spirit.

In recent years, frying the Thanksgiving turkey has become a trend. While it can result in a delicious meal, we should all make sure to put safety first. Allstate has prepared three tips to help you be safe should you decide to fry the turkey:

1) Hand-dry the Turkey before Frying - Never place a frozen turkey into hot oil, as it can cause oil to spill over. Make sure that the turkey correlates properly with the fryer size.

2) Use Premium Oil to Fry- Preventing fires starts with choosing the proper oil quality; peanut and safflower oil are viable options. Leave room at the top of the fryer for oil to prevent any accidental spills.

3) Cook Outside - While it might be expected that everyone would know to cook a turkey in a fryer outside, it’s not always clear. Make sure to cook outside and stay clear of any wooden decks or structures as well as low hanging branches.

Safety is paramount when preparing the Thanksgiving feast, whether you decide to fry a turkey or bake tofurkey. While you prepare to greet your family and spend time with friends this year, it’s also a time to share that spirit of gratitude with others.

Unfortunately, many around the world, particularly those impacted by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, even having a guaranteed meal is a gift. Those who have the means, have the opportunity to give more than time and presents to their loved ones; we can all be humanitarians and even small donations can be felt on the other side of the globe. There are a number of organizations, such as American Red Cross, Doctors without Borders, and Mercy Corps, who are working to help those affected by the natural disaster. See a larger list of organizations in this NBC News article. Thanks for making a difference and have a very happy and safe Thanksgiving!

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