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Tips for Summer Safety

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

With backyard grilling, fun by the pool, and lots of sunshine, the summer can be a great time to enjoy the outdoors with your family. However, with the temperatures edging up there are also precautions to take to help protect you and your loved ones in with the increased activity in the summer heat. Here are your summer safety tips:

1. Take Precautions with Grilling: Long days and weekends are a great time for cookouts, but the backyard barbeque can quickly become a hazard if you don’t take the extra time to check the grill for any blockages or leaks before you fire it up. Also, make sure to grill a safe distance from your house and avoid storing the grill indoors if it still has freshly used coals as carbon monoxide can still escape.

2. Swim Safely: The pool can be a great place for you and your family to enjoy, but you will want to make sure that there is an adult supervising children at all times and that floatation devices are readily accessible in case of an emergency. To help protect small children even when the pool is not in use, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends installing fencing or another barrier at least 4-feet in height around the pool.

3. Avoid Pesticides: Children will be playing outside in the summer, so it’s a good time to avoid placing pesticides on your lawn. If you need to apply pesticide, ensure that it’s not done on rainy or windy days and follow the recommended product instructions or utilize a qualified services company.

4. Plan for Fun: Double-checking your insurance policies before you head out on your RV road trip or motorcycle or off-road vehicle adventure is smart planning. The Salmon Agency offers policies that cover motor homes and other types of vehicles. Wishing you had insurance when you don’t is too late, so take precautions and you can truly enjoy all the summer has to offer.

With a few extra steps, you can easily ensure your summer will be fun for you and your family. Contact the Salmon Agency at 407-365-1766 and we will be glad to review your policies with you to make sure you are set for summer!

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