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When is it time to update my coverage? Insurance is really about protecting the things important to your life, both personal and business, against the unexpected. So, anytime you have significant events or changes in your life, it's time to think about reviewing and updating your coverage. Here are some examples:

Fax, email, or mail a completed Life Events checklist to us, and we'll be happy to help to you evaluate your insurance and financial needs.

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What do I need to know in case of an auto accident?
1. Most importantly, stay calm. Getting upset, or worse yelling and screaming, solves nothing. Even if the other person isn't calm, you should remain calm.

2. Don't move an injured person -- unless they're in immediate danger.

3. Don't move your vehicle unless it impedes traffic. This alters the scene and could have negative impacts on a claim.

4. Don't leave the scene of an accident even if you are capable of doing so. Wait for the police to arrive as they provide an objective witness to the event, and wait for them to say its okay to go. If you leave because the other driver says its okay, you won’t be protected if they later file for injuries. If you leave, they may not and you could be accused of a hit and run. Keep in mind that some injuries don't show up immediately.

5. Don't blame the accident on anyone -- including yourself. Provide a full description of the accident only to the investigating police officer.

6. Exchange information with the other driver. Immediately note the license plate number of other involved vehicles, color and model, just in case insurance information is incorrect or refused.

7. Contact our office immediately - don't assume we'll find out another way. It's always better to hear from you or someone you designate to call us.

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If my car gets hit and I don't have collision coverage, can Salmon Agency Insurance help with my claim? Yes. This is called a "third party" claim. While other agents may provide some general advice, they generally won't help in processing the paperwork unless you have collision coverage.

At Salmon Agency Insurance, we recognize that it may not make financial sense to pay for collision coverage on an older vehicle, and respect the decision to eliminate coverage to repair or replace your vehicle if you are responsible for an accident. However, you can still make a claim if your car is hit by another person and they are found to be at fault.

At Salmon Agency Insurance, we're glad to help not only by providing guidance, but also helping you process the paperwork regardless of whether or not you have collision coverage. If you have a claim situation, our Client Support Associates are ready to assist you.

Please note: This assumes that the situation isn't a hit and run and that you are able to obtain the insurance information of the third party.

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How can Salmon Agency Insurance help my small business be more competitive? We'll certainly do more than just sell you an insurance plan. We'll advise you on how to use insurance wisely to meet your financial and business goals. We begin by sitting together and looking at how your business approaches and manages risk, then we'll develop a risk management plan just for your business.

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What do you mean by risk management? It means identifying the factors that are a financial or property risk for your business, then figuring out the best way to navigate those risks. Succeeding in business is directly related to the ability to successfully manage risk. Insurance is one component of a risk management strategy -- but it is not the only solution.

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Does Salmon Agency Insurance specialize in one type of business insurance? We serve a large and diverse business community. Therefore, we offer literally hundreds of insurance products to serve the needs of all our clients. Because of our size, we can choose among insurance companies to help our clients find just the right coverage -- whether this means one policy from one company, or a variety of policies from specialized providers.

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Why have I been hearing so much about long-term care insurance? People are discovering that long-term care insurance can help pay for extended care without exhausting personal finances. As the general population gets older, long-term care (including nursing home and in-home care) has become a costly necessity for many families. Sadly, without long-term care insurance, families can find their homes, savings, and other assets in jeopardy as they struggle to pay the costs. By planning ahead and considering options to help pay for care, these situations can be avoided.

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Do I need a life insurance policy? Almost everyone can benefit from life insurance. It is the best way to ensure that your survivors remain financially secure. Life insurance serves several purposes.

* It can provide mortgage protection -- ensuring that your family would not need to give up their home.

* It serves as replacement for income lost by a family wage earner.

* It can help pay for services provided by a family member who usually works in the home.

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How much life insurance do I need? Since the goal is generally to provide for loved ones over a period of time, a common rule is that each provider in the household should have at least ten times their annual salary or annual contribution value. Any outstanding mortgage balance or other large debts should also be considered in your calculation; however, this amount should be in addition to the amount purchased to provide income protection.

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How often should I review my life insurance needs? As your life changes, your needs do, too. A common recommendation is that you should review life insurance protection at least every 5 years or sooner if a major life event occurs; examples include marriage, divorce, a new child, home purchase, new job, starting a business or retirement.

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How will Salmon Agency Insurance work with me if I have a claim? Our team of claims professionals is ready to assist you with an accident or other claim situation. If you have a claim emergency after office hours, you can reach us 24-hours a day. Call us anytime at 407-365-1766. You can also report a claim on-line. We will help you sort out the situation, gather information and submit your claim as quickly as possible. We'll continue to work with you providing support in sometimes traumatic situations until your claim is resolved.

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