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Founded by Lincoln Salmon in 1999, The Salmon Agency is a highly esteemed independent insurance agency located in Oviedo, Florida that prides itself in providing superior service to its customers and goodwill in the communities it serves. Known for their "Four Steps to Financial Security" plan, the Salmon Agency has expertise in personal, financial and business insurance coverage and provides tailored insurance solutions. The Salmon Agency stands by its promise: to provide the insurance protection you need, at a price you can afford, from a company you can trust.

Why choose Salmon Agency Insurance?

Insurance protection is more than a responsibility, it is about protecting the people you care about and the assets that you have worked hard for. The Salmon Agency understands this. The two key reasons to choose Salmon Agency Insurance over others are: our "whole life" approach to being your partner in building a comprehensive plan for you that provides you with peace of mind, and our reputation as a trusted independent agent, which means more choices and less work for you. We're proud to have served families and businesses of all sizes for many generations. We look forward to serving you.

Whole life approach

your life. your car + your home + your valuables + your family and loved ones + your business + your future.

At Salmon Agency Insurance, we focus on the way insurance meets the needs of your "whole" life - it doesn't matter whether your focus is personal, business, or both. We offer you one reliable relationship for protecting and supporting all the important details with utmost care. The "whole" perspective takes all of your individual policies into account and packages them into a way to support each other. We also recommend our customers to review their insurance policies periodically to make sure your protection plan keeps pace with your changing life. Every three years, it's a good practice to review your coverage and needs; however, certain events may require an earlier review. We help you create a big picture plan you can rely on, enabling you to live a life full of possibilities with true peace of mind.

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We're an independent agent

That means more choices, better solutions and more benefits for you. Salmon Agency Insurance is independent, family-owned, and one of the largest agents in Florida. You'll also benefit from working with us because:

* We represent 25 insurance companies and have access to over 100 more.

* We do the work for you comparing options to find the ones that best fit your need.

* Our trusted associates focus on value and look after your wallet by finding the most cost effective solutions considering both price and coverage.

* We provide one-stop shopping for personal and business protection. You won't have to change agents as your life changes or your business grows.

* We're your advocate with the insurance company, so you won't have to go it alone.

* We treat you like a person, not a number. You'll have a trusted associate assigned to take care of you plus the support of our team when needed.

* We're easy to reach. You can meet with us face-to-face or correspond by email, telephone or mail, which ever you prefer.

* Our 24-7 emergency claims hotline service means we'll be here when you need us.

* We have bilingual associates. Falam Português. Hablamos Español.

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